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With the advent of the internet, location need no longer be a factor in business.  Working electronically - virtually - is as effective as working in the same office.  The concept of teleworking is now familiar as more and more people choose to work from home electronically. 

If you are looking at this website you are already there!

Virtual assistants are your partners in business.  They work from their own offices, using their own equipment.  They are highly skilled individuals who offer all the support you will find in large organisations.  They can work for anyone anywhere in the world as easily as in their own communities.

Coedcanlas Enterprises' Virtual Business Service expands the services a virtual assistant alone can offer.   We provide the expertise and equipment you need to run your business effectively and cost efficiently.  You only pay for the services we provide or the hours we work.

If you are an individual or small business

  • We can provide you with access to high calibre staff without the cost, commitment and paperwork involved in employing people full-time

  • You will benefit from our state of the art software and equipment without the capital outlay

  • We cope with your administration, while you get on with running and expanding your business

If you are a larger UK or international organisation

  • We can provide you with access to professional staff for periods of high activity or special projects

  • We will use the same software, equipment and expertise you use in your own office

  • Your overseas offices can benefit from the time difference - we work while they sleep and the work will be at their desks the following morning